Spotlight on Design: Q&A with Krista Rossato

On Vancouver Island we are proud to rub shoulders with some amazing talent and watch each other succeed professionally in the community. This month we want to put the spotlight on IDIBC member Krista at ID8 Design, and hear about her work here in Victoria.

Krista Rossato
Krista Rossato

Tell us a little about yourself.

Three words: ‘Passionate’, ‘Curious’, and I’m a ‘Doer’. In both work and life.

What are you working on right now?

I’m constructing a dining room tabletop using the hand tools made by my grandfather over 60 years ago. From my desk, I’m working on a high density office space. And for fun, I’m restoring a vintage camper trailer.

What inspirers you?

An old wooden bobbin, a concrete core sample from a local heritage building, an oversized nut and bolt, and a badly turned piece of pottery…some examples of everyday objects that are often overlooked.

What has been your most rewarding project to date?

Every project has its rewarding moments. But back in my early days, I was part of a team whose assignment was to construct a shelter using limited materials. After we were done, we donated it to a local inner city school in Toronto. Immediately, a group of kids crawled in and started imaginative play. It was a micro example of how a simple space can be inspiring, functional, safe, private and public, all at the same time.

How do you define success on a design project?

Peace of mind: A project that has an improved result; the client’s experience was positive; and I exceeded expectations both for myself and my customer.

Thanks Krista!



Watch out for our next months’ feature Designer Q&A coming soon.